Thursday 4 June 2015

It doesn't get any better than this!

Just finished filleting a 8 to 10 pound tuna which we caught at about 3:30PM.  Perfect time to allow time to fillet it and have it fresh for supper.
This morning I was up before dawn and at 6:45 was on my way to climb the mountain at Mauipiti.  A 15 minute walk along the road and then it took me 1 hour to reach the top.  The views on route were spectacular and once on top they were breath taking.  You will have to wait until I am off the boat and have internet to see the pictures. I had a 360 degree view.  I was back at the dock an hour after reaching the top after getting off the path by mistake on the way down and having to bushwack for a while to find the path.  I chose to do that rather than climb back up to where I knew I was last on the path.  I had company on the trip.  A dog came up the mountain with me and kept me company. I met a couple coming up about 10 minutes from the bottom.  The lady was giving the dog lots of scratches and I never saw the dog again so I'm sure he went up for a second time with them.
Zeke and Bill were just about to leave the dock when I arrived at the dock at 9:05.  We got the dingy lifted, took the motor off and were ready to leave by 10.
The winds were light but have picked up to 12 to 13 knots and we are sailing along at 7 knots.

The skies are blue with a few billowy clouds. The boat is not rocking too much and we are all looking forward to a tasty fresh tuna dinner.

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