Saturday 5 December 2015

Singapore and beyond

We flew from Kelowna to Singapore leaving Friday at 7:15 AM. This necessitated getting up 4:00 AM to insure we arrived at the airport on time. The Vancouver to Guangzhou leg was 13 hours long in a very cramped seat. We had a short turnaround in Guangzhou and there was some concern as to whether we would catch the flight as we had to change terminals. Fortunately the flight was late departing for Singapore and we had lots of time to catch the flight. Unfortunately our bags didn't make it. We arrived at 11PM Singapore time which was far too late to catch a ferry to the marina where No Regrets is located. We had booked a motel in Singapore and we were told our bags would arrive at 12:30 pm the next day. It was nice to sleep in an air conditioned room. This morning we toured downtown Singapore melting in the heat. We took the transit MRT downtown and then to the airport to collect our bags. We are now waiting at the Tanah Merah ferry terminal waiting for the 4:20 ferry to Nongsa. It is a 35 minute ferry ride. We were tickled to get the seniors rate on the ferry. There is a shuttle from the ferry to the Marina. There was a 10 km race and a marathon going on while we were downtown. The streets were blocked off and there were runners everywhere, some participating and some finished. Also the 8th ASEAN Para Games are on in Singapore at the moment. We saw para athletes around and had two volunteers from the games helped us locate and negotiate the transit system. 
Singapore theatre centre we nicknamed it the porcupine building. 
Marina Sands Hotel with the Science Centre with the neat architecture in front of it
ASEAN Para games mascot. 
Marina Sands hotel close up
Close up of the Science museum 

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  1. Great pictures, isn't the architecture wild in Singapore, hopefully it doesn't take you too long to adjust to the heat and you settle in to the boat without too many difficulties.