Friday 20 May 2016

Dolphins Dolphins and more Dolphins

As many of you know I absolutely love dolphins. Well I was not disappointed on my trip from Panang to Cocos Keeling. On the first day of the trip the Dolphins came to play on our bow. It was wonderful to watch them almost effortlessly zip past the bow of the boat. They are such playful creatures. To my delight the Dolphins returned later in the trip to once again dazzle me with there underwater display. We also had a hitchhiker along for the ride for a short while
The bird was pruning it's feathers the whole time it was on the boat. 
To my delight the Dolphins returned a third time on our passage. We were moving a lot quicker at that point and they seem to love playing on your bow even more when you are moving fast. Sorry no pictures of the Dolphins. I've tried before to get pictures and they normally don't turn out all that well. I just went to the bow and enjoyed every minute. 

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