Tuesday 10 May 2016

The next voyage is about to begin

I have had a hiatus from sailing for a while and I'm in Padang, Sumatra in Indonesia. Lets start with the trials and tribulations to get here. As is normally the case Maggie had a list of parts that they wanted me to bring. Also No Regrets knowing I was coming had an equally long list. Step one is to get the parts ordered and delivered prior to your departure. Maggie as was normal purchased the parts & had them shipped. No Regrets seemed to think I had nothing to do & I had find, order and get the parts while moving my mother from Winnipeg to Calgary. I was also xeriscaping the back yard getting the garden deer and bird fences up. There was not a dull moment. Finally the trip began. Upon arriving in Vancouver from Penticton I discovered that the flight to Guangzhou is delayed 4 hours. I later discovered it was weather in Guangzhou that delayed the flight from leaving there to come to Vancouver. After the 13 hour flight to Guangzhou and being late China Southern offered me a complimentary room for the night. I took it arriving at the hotel about midnight. We were given a complimentary breakfast in the morning & had to be on the bus at 6:10 AM.  I had great fun going through security in Guangzhou.  I had to take all the parts out of my bag & scan them separately. This meant repackaging both packsacks. As they wanted to open box with bilge pump I just left the bulky box behind. I requested to be moved to the front of the plane on the start our decent into Kuala Lumpur (KL) so I can get off guicker. I knew I had an hour from when we got to the gate until my next flight took off.   We landed at KLIA1 terminal.  I first had to find my way to the train. I took the train to the KLIA terminal where I had to go through immigration and be fingerprinted. Then I needed to get Metro to KLIA2 terminal. You had to pay for that & I had no Malaysian money. She told me they would take a credit card. She told me the train would leave at 1:10. I told her my plane left at 1:25 & I would miss it. Was there a quicker way. Oh yes there was an express at 12:50. It cost 12 Malaysian Ringgits rather than 2. So there was hope yet. Off to KLIA2 5 minutes later. After asking several people the way along the route I get to the customs or immigration. I let people in line know I have a plane boarding in 20 minutes can I go ahead & they graciously allowed me to go ahead except the fellow at the front of the line who didn't understand English.   Then through security & heading for my gate. No problem with scanning my bag. Hmm. After my problems with the 2 electric motors in Guangzhou what a treat. Maybe I'll make the plane yet. The board says my flight is delayed 10 minutes. It seems miles through the airport and I've already gone through security scanning. Heading down now that's a good sign. Oh no. Another security scanning station to go through. And a line up. They just opened a new one. I head for it. Put my bags through. They want me to open both bags. Out come the 2 motors. Then the 2 steel rods. Then the dip stick. They scan the bag again. Ok you can go. I now had to fit everything back into the 2 pack sacks. Finally finish. Make sure I haven't left anything behind and then head off to my gate. Fortunately it is the 1st gate I come to. They are all lined up to board the plane. Whew. I made it. 
Just FYI  the 4 hour late flight in Guangzhou messed up lots of people's connections. One fellow from Lethbridge had a direct flight from Guangzhou to Kathmandu & is now on his way to KL & who knows where else to get there. He is on his way home to visit family.   I'm now safe & sound on Maggie. Wait for the next blog for my fun and games here in Padang. 

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