Friday 24 June 2016

Almost in Mauritius

We have have an excellent sail from Rodriguez.  The winds have been 15 to 22 knots most of the time with some periods down to 12 knots and others up to 27 knots.  We have had lots of squalls with rain and high winds up to 32 knots.  A 3 night 2 day passage seems like old hat after our long passage from Cocos Keeling to Rodriguez.  There have been lots of ships on this passage.  I'm sure after ships go around Cape of Good Hope they go just south of La Reunion and Mauritius on there way to Singapore or other destinations.  One ship came as close as 0.9 nautical miles and at one point yesterday I changed course so as not to cross the bow of a cargo ship. He radioed to make sure he understood my intention's. The big excitement today was we caught a Mahi Mahi, also called a Dorado or a Dolphin Fish in some parts of the world. I cleaned it and we had fresh fish for lunch.  Carol did a fabulous jop of cooking it.  It was nice to finally catch a fish on this trip after dragging a hook for thousands of miles.  As I write this we are less than 24 hours from our final port on Mauritius.

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