Friday 3 June 2016

Literally rolling along

We have been dealing with huge seas up to 10 feet in size.  We have been having winds 25 to 35 knots traveling at 5 to 6.5 with a very small main sail and the stay sail.  Last night we had winds up to 42 knots with sustained winds over 35 knots for a few minutes which are gale force winds. We spent a good part of the night rolling back and forth in the waves going 3.5 to 5 knots.  At 8:15 this morning we had 393 nautical miles to go to get to Rodriguez.
Each morning at 8:15 we calculate how far we have gone in the last 24 hours.  We left Cocos Keeling at 8:15 so that is why we use that time.  Here are our mileages in nautical miles since we started on Sunday over a week ago:
Day 1 143
Day 2 134
Day 3 129
Day 4 109
Day 5 123
Day 6 118
Day 7 140
Day 8 157
Day 9 140
Day 10 150
Day 11 135
Day 12 123
The first few days we had very nice winds 9 to 15 knots and you can see from the positions(click on the link to the right) we were headed close to strait west as much as we could.  The winds then dropped a bit for a few days and then on Sunday when we expected the winds to die they picked up to 15 to 22.  Since Sunday the winds have continued to increase as we got further south and as I told you they were very strong last night.  Last night I took a 7 to midnight shift and was up at 6 AM so Rob and Carol could have shorter shifts.  Here's hoping I'm able to get some sleep during the day today.

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