Sunday 25 January 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

Woke up this morning to a new world. 4 to 6 foot waves (1 to 2 metres to you metric people).  There was lots of chop as well and the boat was being thrown around a lot by the waves.  Last night we were flying along at 8 to 9 knots until dark and then we reduced the sails.  Overnight we were able to head almost strait west which is what we want to do as there are some nasty winds that are along the Columbia coast from 73 to 76 degrees longitude. Nasty meaning 25 to 30 knots...  we plan to remain at 14 degrees north until we reach 76 degrees and then we will head to the San Blas Islands.  We are expecting 20 to 25 knots winds from 73 to 76 degrees.  For those of you in the northern clims., it has been hot here with the 28 degrees and 95% humidity.  Today was a reprieve with a bit of cloud and the high winds 15 to 21 knots.  I know, I know don't complain about the heat (right Roxan).

Currently we have about 1/2 of the main sail area out to catch the wind.  For the non sailors out there the main is reefed ( or has a reef in it).   The Genoa is also reduced as well.. As the winds increase as we expect them to we will put a bigger reef in the main, furl (roll around the stay) the genoa up and put out the Stay sail which is a heavier material and smaller in size which is what you want in high winds.

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