Sunday 25 January 2015

The Sailing Is Great!

On Friday afternoon we had a AWAC plane fly over us about 4 times.  Obviously having a good look.  

Saturday we had a great day of sailing with 16 to 22 knots of wind from behind.  We were surfing the waves and all was good.  At 11:15 PM we changed course to head straight for the San Blas Islands.  We were stayong at 14 degrees north to miss the strong winds off the Columbian coast. Once we got to 76 degrees we were told we could head south and miss most of the huge winds.  We are currently experiencing a lot of roll tossing and turning in the large waves and swell.  We currently have 18 to 25 knots of wind coming across our stern quarter. That means we are taking the waves about 50 degrees causing the tossing and turning.

The guesses of the crew are in on our arrival.
Bob Jan 26 at 4 PM
Carol Jan 28 at 10 AM
Rob Jan 28 at noon

We actually expect to arrive on the 27th.

1 comment:

  1. Checking your blogs and position every day. You are doing great despite the issues.
    Keep up your spirits and not long 'till you're in port.