Wednesday 21 January 2015

On Our Way - Almost One Day Out

We departed Le Marin with the crossing of the official start line with great fan fare with cameras flashing and horns blowing. 

There were 7 boats that officially crossed the start line at 12:16 PM local time.  2 turned back - one had to go back to pick up an outboard motor that was in for repair.  The second was a problem with the main sail... One boat was unable to depart as it was waiting for clarification of insurance.  Brazilian insurance companies are not recognized world wide apparently.

The first day of sailing has been a fun one with winds from 8 to 15 knots.  Crew member Bob slept early and did the 11 PM to 3 AM shift.  Just prior to the captain heading down to bed we jibed and had a far better angle on the waves giving the boat a far smoother ride.

This morning we awoke again to a beautiful sunny day. Unfortunately the winds are light and Maggie does not do well in light winds.  We have just raised the spinnaker - the first time it has ever been up.  It has Blue Planet Odyssey across it in huge letters.

The crew are all ecstatic to be underway finally and we are getting along well. To find our location click on the link to the right.

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  1. We are following your progress and tracking your position. Looks like you and Tom Tom are in the lead!