Friday 30 January 2015

We Made It (Jan 27)

We arrived in San Blas Islands Porvenir about 10 AM local time.  We took down the Stay sail and had the main reefed so that we would not arrive in the dark.  Last evening as the sun was going down we had dolphins dancing on our bow.  A beautiful sight. Particularly when they jump out of the water.  During my 11 to 3 AM shift we must have passed through a shipping lane.  At one point I could see 4 boats.  2 of them passed one on each side of the boat at the same time.  One was 0.7 km away and the other was 0.6 km away.  A little later a Ferry went by all lit up and it was 0.4 km from Maggie.  In all I saw 6 ships during that watch. 

We passed through the half kilometer channel in the reef just around 9 AM.  The rest of the boats have arrived except for 2 that left much later in the week.  I'm sure they will all have lots of stories about their passage.

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  1. So happy to hear about your safe arrival. Enjoy the islands!! Take a rest.