Wednesday 22 July 2015

Helping the locals

We spent part of 2 days and a night back at my favourite anchorage in Vava'u at Vaka'eitu Island. While there I finally got to use my training in testing children's eyes as we tested 7 kids eyes and one 25 year old. All but one where children of one family that lived in what appeared to be a one room house. I was in charge of testing the near vision of the kids. We had 6 stations set up. 2 to test near vision. 2 to test distance vision,  one for a machine that tests for anisometropia and one data entry station. Janet from Chapter 2 set everything up and once we got underway we had all 8 tested in less than an hour I think. Following the eye testing we were invited to a feast with roast pig, fish, salad, breadfruit and some deserts. The next day the guys on No Regrets helped the same fellow with repairs to his boat. He explained the problem and we went back to No Regrets to determine if we had what he needed to make his repairs. We came up with a solution and took it to him explaining the steps he needed to follow for a successful patch to the hole in his boat. Apparently a previous patch he had put on his boat had given way. 

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