Friday 24 July 2015

Poem from the Philippian Sea

We recently enter the Philippian sea. My email regarding my heave to experience was added as a post. Here is a poem about it as well.

We are hove to and now it is time to wait
We don't want to be early and we don't want to be late 
At just the right moment we will decide to depart 
You need to know the end time to pick the start

We will sit and wait until the time is right
It is the big waves we don't want to fight 
The wind it blows at an incredible rate
With it blowing this hard we won't be late 

We need the sunlight to go through the pass
It's got to be done right or then alas
We will hit the reef or just maybe a rock
Then we won't make it safely to the dock

The dock or the harbour where it is safe and sound 
With your anchor planted firmly in the ground 
To hold you tight to the bottom until
Your ready to go on another sailing thrill

Sailing is not for all that is to be sure
But my love of sailing is very pure
The wind, the waves and a boat built to survive 
What the ocean throws at you and keep you alive