Thursday 2 July 2015

Visiting the many Islands of the Vava'u group

Our first stop was Hunga Island. We were actually on a mooring ball near Fofoa Island. While stopped here we did a hike up a very steep bank and followed a trail to a better traveled trail that took us to a beach. The next day I met a fellow Canadian who had been born in Winnipeg and spend considerable time in British Columbia prior to going to Belize and then moving to Tonga. 
From here we went to Vaka'eitu island where there is a very protected anchorage. When we landed we discovered a banyan tree that a local had made a place out of 
Can you believe the size of the tree 
From here we visited a very secluded beach by hiking over to it.
While there I found a very interesting discovery. Pumice on the beach. 
It actually floats 
That means that there has to be a volcano spewing pumice and ash at this moment or in the not to distant past. 

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