Tuesday 21 July 2015

Incredibly Cool!

We are currently hove to.  That means we are sitting in one spot in the ocean and not moving. The sail is back winded(means it is such a manner that it gives no forward motion to the boat) the rudder is full the opposite direction so the boat just sits in the water.  We do have a bit of a course over ground of about 1 knot due to the wind pushing us along.
This configuration allows you to sit and wait. (maybe wait out a storm) or in our case we would arrive at our destination at midnight so we will sit here and leave when we figure we will arrive in the daylight tomorrow.
This is apparently the first time the guys have tried it on this boat.
We plan to arrive in Funafuti, Tuvalu tomorrow where we will join another BPO boat Drina which has Doina (Jimmy Cornell's daughter (Jimmy is the planner of the Blue Planet Odyssey BPO))and Doina's son Dan on board.

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  1. We did the heave-to when on the North coast of Cuba. The boat was really calm and steady. Great thing to know how to do on your boat.