Tuesday 10 February 2015

More clear blue water, more sand and beaches, more palm trees ...

The snorkeling in Coca Bendero Cays was great.  Lots of colourful fish, blue, yellow, silver. and black fish.  All different types of coral including staghorn coral, branch coral, brain coral and pipe organ coral.  I'm sure I've got the names wrong but you get the idea from my descriptions.  There were lots of other types as well.  I went to 3 different reefs and should have gone to more. 

Yesterday we moved to Chichime Cays and had a great sail on a beam reach for a good part of the way.  We are anchored behind Uchutupu Dummat in a nicely protected area.  We have a large sailing vessel used for training people to sail anchored not far away.  We walked around the island after our arrival and determined there are at least 4 different areas with buildings.  Two of them appear to be huts that people can rent and they also have a tenting area.  I was surprised to see them as I figured only the Kuna people would be living on the islands.

Tomorrow we head about half way to Colon and we will anchor.  Then on to Colon to be measured by the Panama Canal authorities for our trip through the canal.

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  1. Interesting about the huts. Sailing friends from Sea Bear took a land trip this New Years to San Blas and stayed in one of those huts. So tourism is everywhere!!