Friday 6 February 2015

Snorkeling is Great

What has been up in the last few days.  I spent part of a day caulking the outside of the toe rail.  We had a leak into the boat and the outside of the toe rail was suspected to be the source.  The next day we came over to Coca Bendero Cays.  A beautiful spot where the snorkeling is fabulous.  Upon arrival we explored 2 tree island and the island directly in front of us where I purchase a mola.  We headed back to the boat and cleaned for the arrival of our company.  The crews from 3 other boats came over for sundowners.  That progressed into discussions of watching a movie about the building of the Panama Canal.  2 of the boats headed back to their boats and brought over food and we had a joint meal while watching the movie on the building of the Panama Canal. 

The next day I did some snorkeling and swam over and visited 3 of the boats around.  I'm finding out lots of interesting things about the crew on the other boats.  At some point I will have to give to an idea of the crews on the other boats that are part of the BPO.

Today I have been to 2 different reefs snorkeling with 2 of the crew from sailing vessel "No Regrets" and have seen some terrific coral and lots of very colourful fish. Later today I will take the crew of Maggie over and show them the highlights.

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