Sunday 15 February 2015

Pictures from the Start of the BPO until now

 In Martinique with our brand new Blue Planet Odyssey Flag before we departed.
 Before the official start watching the Yawls race out of Le Marin harbour.
The Yawl racers hiking out to keep the boat from tipping over

Flying the Blue Planet Odyssey spinnaker for the first time ever on the first day of our trip.

 Captain Rob with Nestor's parrot on our first day in the San Blas Islands
 Lobster dinner in Nestor's home, note the bamboo walls, the roof is thatched palm frons

Airplane landing in Porvenir, You can't anchor in line with the runway or the plane will hit the mast on the boat.
Bob's exciting ride in Nestor's yul with the sail.  Bob is doing his best to lean out and hike while sitting in the bottom of the dugout canoe.
Bob (AKA Captain knot) learning the turkish bend so he can tie one on the helm.
A typical island in the San Blas islands. This is in the Berdero Cays. Note OM in the foreground
Two tree Island in the San Blas.  A great place to visit, there were people there with a hammock
 Maggie in the Bendero Cays.  Great reefs here for snorkeling and viewing coral and colourful fish.
 Bob's rushed attempt at a sea turtle sand castle.
Checking out the molas.  These are made by the Kuna  and are a good source of income for them
Construction of the new much bigger locks for the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal
 One of the 6 gates for the three new locks on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal

 View of Maggie from the top of the mast
 Two of the gates in place on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal.  Note we are driving along the bottom of the gate.  A real thrill.
All the wheels are each controlled by remote control. Each one moves separately and can  turn any direction.  They are used to transport this huge gate to the lock into place so it will run on rails while floating to open and close the locks on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal
The President of the Panama Canal Authority signing Maggie's log book with Captain Rob Getting the page returned to him.
The spiral tower in Panama City.  The Trump tower.  It is apparently a casino.

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  1. Terrific pics and description. Have a good trip today thru the canal! We'll try to see you on webcam.