Sunday 22 February 2015

More on the Panama Canal and Panama City

A few things I neglected to tell you about our trip through the Panama Canal.  There is a fault line where earthquakes have occurred that Oscar pointed out to us.  We saw it just before Centennial Bridge.  We also saw the jail that Noriaga is currently in along the canal.  We also saw them dredging the canal.  They are making the canal wider in the Gatun Lake area and in the Gailliard cut.  This is because they will have larger ships going through once the new locks are open.
While anchored La Playita we were entertained by 100's of brown pelicans. It was amazing to watch them diving for fish.  A pelican would hit the water ever second.  It was amazing.  After catching its fish it keeps its beak under water while it eats the fish then straitens it's neck, beak strait up in the air and you see the fish go down it's throat.  The sea gulls are right beside the pelican waiting for any scraps and sometimes land right on the pelicans head.
In the evening on Tuesday we saw fireworks over Panama City celebrating the final day of Carnivale.

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