Tuesday 24 March 2015

Excitement on the High seas

Excitement on the High seas We are currently coasting along at 3.6 knots.  Our speed varies from 2.7 knots to 4.5 knots with 3.3 to 6.8 knots of wind. Throughout the day the winds started off reasonable with Maggie able to go 6 to 6.5 knots.  As evening approached the winds have died and we ghost along.
What about the excitement you might ask. We are about 2 nautical miles (NM) away from sailing vessel Mila.  Mila has been in contact with us and it is a Norwegian vessel.  The lady on board is 25 and speaks very good English. They plan to sail all the way to Australia where they plan on selling Mila. They have travelled across the Atlantic where they caught lots of fish.  They have been very disappointed with the fishing in the Pacific so far.  They caught a Marlin the afternoon but unfortunately the Marlin won and broke their line. We also have Lovesail (a member of the BPO fleet ) which is about 4 NM away.  I have been planning during this long passage to introduce you to the different sailing vessels on the Blue Planet Odyssey(BPO) so here is the perfect chance to introduce you to Lovesail. Lovesail is a catamaran (means it has 2 hulls) and I think she is 42 feet long. The couple on board I think are retired and live on the English Island of Jersey.  They have their daughter on board who is a biology professor in New Zealand I believe who did work in the Galapagos some time back at the Darwin Institute.  She was going to give a talk in Galapagos but I think those plans did not materialize. Her partner is on board.  Lovesail has sailed across the Atlantic as well. I believe Lovesail is part of the Pacific Odyssey. I'm not sure if they are going as far as the Marqueses with us or to Tahiti.

I believe there has been a contest set up to have you guess when we will arrive in the Marqueses.  Be sure to get your guesses in!!  We on board have made our predictions as well.  Let's see who will have the best guess.

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