Tuesday 24 March 2015

Guess when We will Arrive in Marquesas!

The crew on S/S Maggie have have made our predictions on when we expect to arrive in Hiva Oa, Marquesas. We have had variable winds so far. Here is our day to day progress so far:
day 1- 122 NM, day 2- 97, day 3- 108, day 4- 95, day 5- 130, day 6- 131, day 7- 137, day 8- 147, day 9- 143, day 10- 105, day 11- 87.
As of Saturday March 21 we have travelled 1159 NM (nautical miles) of the 3089 distance to Hiva Oa.
Send your guesses to Barb and she will keep track and let me know everyone's predictions.
Sunday Mar 22 during the day we had 12-14 kt winds with spinnaker up going 6-7.7 kts. Took spinnaker down at night going 5.8- 6.8 kts with 11-17 kn winds.
Get your guesses in ,date and time of arrival and lets see who is the winner!

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