Friday 27 March 2015

A New Record

We have sailed 157 Nautical Miles in the last 24 hrs.  A new record for Maggie.  At 11 AM yesterday when the captain did the daily calculation as to how far we had gone it was determined we had gone 157 nautical miles.  It had been a great 24 hours of sailing with the sails wing and wing. At one point we were zipping along at 8.3 knots and for a good part of the time we were going at more than 7 knots speed over ground.  The current I am sure helped us along as it has most of this passage.  On that day there was great excitement as the captain had just fixed the AIS and we got a call from Libby indicating we had just shown up on their AIS.  As they got closer we could see their boat and we were able to follow their mast light into the night as we slowly each went our own direction.
Today the winds have changed to be more from the east so we are going more south than we really want. The winds started out light so the captain ordered the spinnaker to be put up.  We are currently clipping along at 6 knots with variable winds from 8 to 13 knots.
Today is a very special day as we celebrate our second birthday on this passage.  We have a cake mix that we will cook and the icing is already made.
We are hoping for more constant winds in the days to come so we can break our new record of 157 nautical miles.  Wish us luck.

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  1. Enjoying your blogs very much. We are happy for you guys. We have been so busy with no time to do our calculation for your Marqesas arrival. Keep up the blogs!