Sunday 8 March 2015

Last day on San Cristobal Island

On our last day before departing San Cristobal Island we visited  La Loberia beach. On route to the beach we got a fabulous loaf of bread at a local bakery. We also saw the local aggregate pit were they dug & ground up the volcanic rock for crushed rock for roads & blacktop. Once we got to the beach we saw sea lions with their young and lots of giant sea iguanas.
                                                                    Marine Iguana
                                                                      Lava Lizard

                                                                        Sea crab

We walked past the beach and saw lots of iquanas & crabs along the rocks w here the surf was pounding. We climbed up and were looking over a cliff where we saw turtles swimming in the bay and birds nesting in the cliffs and soaring on the updrafts. We connected with people looking for the elusive land iguana and others hoping to snorkel with the turtles at the bottom of the cliff but realizing there was no way to get down there to do that. There were others like ourselves who we're just mesmerized by the beauty and remoteness of it all.  As always when I'm sitting on shore I was fascinated with the breaking waves and the crashing surf.  After a refreshing swim in the waves at the beach and some lunch we headed back to town watching the jets take off overhead. 

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