Tuesday 21 April 2015


We left Nuka Hiva (lifted anchor) about 11 AM on April 18.  We are headed to the Tuamotu Atoll Islands where we hope to visit Fakarava, Apataki, and Rangiroa. The atoll of Rangiroa is 40 miles long. The atoll consists of sand islands with a barrier reef to the outside of the atoll.  The sand islands are normally covered in coconut palm trees and form a ring around the atoll.  The atolls were once volcanic islands that have sunk below sea level and as they sank the coral reef grew up to almost sea level while the volcanic island submerged.  Check the islands out on a map on on the internet.  It is fascinating.
The inside of the atolls is protected from the swell by the barrier reef and the water is supposed to be a beautiful blue.  The diving and snorkelling is said to be excellent here (I'm not sure - maybe the best anywhere) as the water rushes in and out of the passes into the atolls with a great number of sea life including hammerhead and white or black tipped sharks.  I'm sure there is every kind of fish imaginable and to top it off you have endless coral reefs.
Back to the blog title. I have been remiss to not be telling you about the dolphins that play on our bow or we see jumping in great numbers as they feed in huge numbers.  As we have approached most of our destinations so far we have been welcomed by these mesmerizing creatures as they frolic and play.  Since leaving Nuka Hiva we have seen them twice and they have played on our bow for at least 10 minutes each time.  They are amazing as they swim a metre from the bow, sometimes one on each side. The other amazing thing is how they rise for air at exactly the same time. Yesterday there was a pair that seemed in perfect harmony and rhythm with their swimming and breathing.  It was certainly fascinating to watch.
Future plans include a meeting of the Blue Planet Odyssey in Tahiti on May 4 to discuss the route we will be taking going forward and the timing of the route. The current plan has us departing Bora Bora on May 27.

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  1. Terrific blog and photos!! Keep writing. We are back in Canada and it's snowing today.