Friday 24 April 2015


After 4 days of sailing we arrived in the Tuamotu's. The last night we were trying to slow down and the winds were blowing 20 to 24 knots with squalls up to 30 knots. The sails were well reefed as we wanted to be going 4.5 knots to arrive at the pass into the atoll at the slack tide at 8 AM. We had difficulty going that slow with so much wind. This is a beautiful spot with clear blue waters and sand beaches and lots of coral and fish life. The island is covered in palm trees. It has been very windy here so the palms are swaying in the breeze. We have a great coral reef within swimming distance of the boat. Lots of colourful fish and super coral. Last night we were able to see nurse sharks and black tipped sharks. A memorizing sight. They were in very shallow water and were very easy to see. 

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