Wednesday 8 April 2015

Tour of Hiva Oa

On Monday we went on a tour of the island. Our first stop was the smiling Tiki. 
On our way we saw banana growing and the banana flower

Apparently when the missionaries came to the island they discouraged the Marquesian's from worshipping their gods so a lot of the Tikis & their sites were left & forgotten. Today the French in particular are attempting to find a lot of these lost sites. We had lots of photo stops along the way
Breathtaking views 
There are goats on these cliffs. The locals apparently shot the goats up here from the water & rush to get the goat before the Sharks get to it. The Sharks are said to be waiting

We also were able to pick guava and it was delicious. At the far end of the island we visited a very well preserved or restored Tiki site. 

Unfortunately here the heads were cut off the some of the Tikis as were some of the private parts by the missionaries. 
We had a great lunch of chicken with rice and bananas, poppia and pamplemouse. 
Unfortunately on the way home I was in the back of a truck for 1.5 hours bouncing down a very rough gravel/Rock road eating dust & breathing desiel 

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