Tuesday 14 April 2015

Hakahay Bay (

We started the day with a warm welcome from the village people 
It included a necklace presented by the major of the island & the traditional kiss on both cheeks. There was a huge spead of fruits including star fruit, pamplemouse, guava, banana,dried bananas, bread fruit chips, & passion fruit. We were then taken on a walking tour of the town where visited the beach
And then as we proceeded all the local fruit was pointed out to us. We also saw many private gardens filled with flowers & fruits. We visited the local church where they left a strategic opening to allow you to ponder the glory during the service. 
The wood carving inside like in Hiva Oa was breath taking 
We visited an ancient sacred site & then went to the town centre where we were welcomed again
With a a necklace of palm frowns. We taught the importance of breadfruit to the Marquesian people and how a father plants a new breadfruit tree every time a new child is born. We were told how they are stored in the ground for years of drought or famine. They then taught us how to peel breadfruit using a tool made from a shell. We were told the many ways breadfruit can be prepared & were allowed to prepare it
We then sat down to a meal of breadfruit, curried goat, octopus and fruit. Following the meal we were driven to the beach where the flower rocks are found. These rocks have only been discovered in Ua Pou and in Brazil. 

On the way home we stopped at a village where they carve the flower rock. 

In the evening we enjoyed a BBQ with goat, rice & sausages. 

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