Monday 6 April 2015

In the Marqueses

We arrived on Good Friday at around 11AM local time. We set a stern anchor as that is what is recommended & all the other boats had one so it is required. We headed to shore with the dingy & Rob tossed out the stern anchor for the dingy after tying the line to the boat. For the 2nd time he forgot to tie the line to the chain on the anchor. He went & got his mask & went diving for the anchor but could not find it. We ended up using a rock. While in town everything was closed but we toured around to see what was there. There was a mass going on & the Marquesian singers were phenomenal.  We visited Paul Gaugain's grave in the cemetery. That night we headed out to supper & ended up joining some other BPO boats at a restaurant & had pizza. It was great to reconnect with everyone that was there. 
The next morning we knew that this would be the only time a lot of the places would be open until Tuesday. We visited the Paul Gaugain museum & saw the house he lived in as well as replica's of many of his paintings. We did some shopping & headed back to the boat. That afternoon I took a stab at cleaning all the green slime & barnacles off the boat. A big job. That evening we attended a baptism at the Catholic Church & once again the singing was incredible. The service was in Marquesian & the sermon & a few other parts were in French. On Sunday morning we attended church once again & in the afternoon we all caught up on our email as we had not had internet since March 10.  That evening we had 2 Norwegian young people from S/V Milla over & heard their fascinating stories of their trip so far. 

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